We are passionate by tourism and adventures, we know what do the tourists need and look for, that's the reason why we decided to make a stack of solutions which will help many people to find interesting sightseeing and uniqe information about. So we developed an iOS and a web application a TravelVoice.

What it does

TravelVoice - it's a pocket voice-guide in you iPhone and Laptop, everywhere in a whole world. It creates by local people for foreigners and also for local people. They can pin some special tourist attraction on the map, record a short voice message with uniqe/ interesting information about the monument and publish it.

It's also possible to create a route with pinned places and voice messages conected with them. For full user's satisfaction it will be possible add some description, pictures and rate the point or route by the end. We implemented iBeacon with our app, so application will discover when somebody will be in the nearest area of a monument and sent some short message, that something pretty interesting is close and maybe this person want to see it.

How I built it

We used many different technologies, we spend few sleepless nights, we drunk a lot of coffee and energy drinks, we spoke with each other on few different languages, but thanks our inspiration we fulfilled all tasks. Firstly, we prepared a project, then started to design the last application layer in Sketch, in the same time developers were programming an application in Swift. Our last point was implementing iBeacon with our application. Also, we prepared a Web-client.

Challenges I ran into

When you started something new, you need to be ready for everything, but it's give you good chance to learn something new and check yourself for strength. Our challenge was in international communication. We're from three different countries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We proud to take a part in this best geeks event AGHacks, and we hope to show our skills from the best side. Also we are happy, that we were able to create something which is working, in 48 hours.

What I learned

We've learned to listen each other, and make good decisions together.

What's next for TravelVoice

It's good start for us, and we hope to end all developing tasks, and make startup with strong business model.

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