To avoid the awkwardness of traveling alone, whether it might be on the trip to the airport to return home for fall break or to go to a job interview.

What it does

This website is designed to help match up people traveling to similar destinations using the same method of transportation. It benefits users by introducing them to new people as well as lowering the cost of transportation when they split the fare.

How I built it

With Google FireBase and React, along with material UI.

Challenges I ran into

Authentication and storage of login information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of implementing an efficient authentication system that prevents visitors from accessing unauthorized parts of the website when they are not logged in, even if they try to use the back button. Furthermore, we implemented effective routing for a single-page application in React.

What I learned

Implementing an authentication system as well as designing back-end functions using Node.js.

What's next for TravelTogether

Developing the website further to be directly accessible and fillable through voice (Google Home, Alexa, Siri, etc.) Link it directly to transportation apps like Uber to expedite the process of booking trips. Implementing a secure messaging system for private communication between matched users.

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