Travelsure is a chrome extension that allows customers to buy an insurance policy on their flights from the browser itself. Currently we support the Google Flights website

What it does

1) The extension listens to the changes in URL of the browser. Once the user makes a flight selection on Google Flights and the extension has enough information to create an API call, it sends out a request to Solartis to get the plan information for the Air Protector, Premium and Classic Plus.

2) Once the requests are complete a 'NEW' badge is shown around the extension icon. All the plan info is stored locally on the customer's computer. This allows the user to go back and purchase a plan whenever they are ready.

3) The customer can then go through with the whole workflow and once all required details are filled the extension downloads the policy documents to the customer's computer.

How we built it

We built it using typescript, npm, HTML and CSS. All the API calls are made using generated code. The code generation is done using swagger-codegen.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had some issues with swagger code generation as the default codegen configuration generates camelCase parameter names, but the Solartis API requires PascalCase. We worked around this issue by creating custom config to generate PascalCase(d) parameters
  • Since we are not familiar with the Insurance industry it was a bit difficult to understand certain terms.

What's next for Travelsure

  • Support multiple browsers
  • Support more websites that offer airline tickets, car rentals etc.
  • Support for more insurance plans which cover other travel mediums.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the zip file from the attached link
  • Extract the extension in a repo
  • Open chrome and go to chrome://extensions
  • Turn on the developer mode
  • Click load unpacked and point it to your extracted directory
  • The plugin should be visible now. Make sure you put in your dob and home state.

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