Seeing my daughter playing an online 'dress up' game, and thinking how much fun you can have by placing random images on a background.

What it does

Besides thinking "how much is it going to cost?" one of the first questions is what is there to do in my destination. TravelStickers allows the user to discover activities in their destination by using Expedia's API, once an activity, the user is taken to a screen where s/he can unleash their creativity, by adding a picture of themselves, and then adding different stickers to compose a scene.

After that they can share the image on twitter.

We also built a Slack interface that allows to search for activities and make Natural Language searchs.

How I built it

First defined the data model i wanted to use, generated to base apps one in angular the other in grails, by using, and pretty much started adding code to implement slack, twitter and image manipulation.

Challenges I ran into

Weird bugs related to session handling.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Staying awake

What's next for TravelStickers

Make of TS an advertising platform where users can interact with different brands and products

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