A community is a strong bond between a person and the people he is surrounded by. That is what we, the makers of TravelSafe, believe in. We have applied the same concept to our app and used the power of community to make commuting in the city safer. TravelSafe is a pocket sized solution that does exactly that.

What it does

TravelSafe lets people share information about Damaged roads, footpaths, streetlights and it uses this information to make travel safer by keeping the citizens informed. It lets people add their family members in the app where they can stay up to date about things like whether the members are overspeeding or whether they have fallen from their bikes. It even keeps track of their current speed. We have used many features to help people in making them safer on the roads. They will be alerted if they are found to be overspeeding. Their families will be notified if they have fallen from their bikes. They can also be reported by other users of the app if they are driving recklessly. We have collected the data for accidents in the city of Indore and we have used it to mark zones in the city as Danger Zones. Whenever a user enters these zones, they will be notified to drive more carefully and a stricter tracking of their speed is made in order to keep them safe. TravelSafe also comes with a handy in-built navigation feature that lets users search directions to their destination, avoiding bad roads. It also provides a fast search feature we like to call Quick Travel wherein a user can choose a radius and a type of place (for eg. Police Station, Hospital, etc.) in a radius. We have tried to keep distraction at bay by putting the incomings calls on silent when they are using the navigation feature of the app. The highlight of TravelSafe is the leaderboard. It is the place where people can compare themselves with all the people in the city. We have integrated scoring process for everything in our app. You overspeed, you score gets reduced. You report a road, footpath or a driver on the loose. Bingo! You earn more points. This helps the users to keep interactive in the app makes them. They would actively start reporting accidents and the other things that would help save lives. The community is literally making TravelSafe smarter by using it regularly.

How we built it

We have built TravelSafe on the android platform and used PHP in the backend support. The places, directions and navigation featues have been implemented using Google APIs.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge for us was to make the navigation efficient and effective. Implementing speed limit over the user was also an interesting concept that took some time to get around.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to bring together all the citizens of Indore on a common platform where they can share the happenings of their city and concerns with people who would actually understand them. The government can also use our app to help the citizens.

What we learned

We have learned a great deal during the development period of our app. We learned about android development and the great deal of power it holds.

What's next for TravelSafe

TravelSafe is a great idea and it can become even more useful by improving its navigation, UI and adding features such as reporting of water logging during the rainy season, reporting of encroachments by vendors on very busy roads. These are the kind that would make daily commuting safer for everyday users.

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