Though a lot of us are able to work from home, a huge section of workers, say from manufacturing, hospitality, food, retail industries have to get to their workplaces to earn their wages. But the paranoia of traveling in these circumstances has taken our minds by storm.

What it does

TravelSafe gives government administrators one portal to manage all modes of transportation - buses, cabs, trains, subways.

  • It allows them to permit/restrict the no. of vehicles working at any given time.
  • Ensure all the strict guidelines are being followed using AI
  • Notify co-passengers in case anyone is found infected in the future.
  • Restrict any mode of travel in case of a surge in cases.


  • can see all the possible options of traveling.
  • request the administrators in case of inadequate facilities in their area.
  • get notified to test themselves immediately in case any of their co-passenger was found to be infected.
  • report vehicles that aren't complying with the rules or misusing the situation to exploit passengers financially.

How I built it

  • The very first step was to list out the stakeholders, identify the vital features, user personas.
  • The portal itself is built using Django.
  • UI is built using bootstrap.
  • Deep learning models built using TensorFlow.

Challenges I ran into

  • Working solo might not be the best idea. But wearing multiple hats enabled me to learn a lot! Web development, UI design, Video editing, Machine Learning!

What I learned

  • Placing myself in the place of end-users, and building a complete product that would help millions of people worldwide. The pandemic isn't going away anytime soon, and even if it does, the fear accompanying it won't.

What's next for TravelSafe

  • More modes of travel - maybe Air travel too.
  • Use analytics to predict a surge of cases in future to minimize chances of infection during the commute.
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