TravelO app assists the user to plan/book their trip in the most efficient and economic manner. It provides advanced and customized travel search benefits.

Our potential target audience are any individuals (male or female) or families that are looking for best travel deals

For E.g.: The persona of Sherlock is someone who is always digging for best deals and he needs someone who can plan a vacation for him or his family within a stipulated budget. He is comfortable with any mode of transport and a true explorer. For him it is about the journey and not the destination, he cares about saving as much as he can on the travel. Every user can benefit from this app since no other app or web application does this for their users and a multi-city and multi- mode search is almost a dream but we are here to make it real.

TravelO app offers various benefits to the users like: Multi city Search-with different modes of transport: Users can plan their vacation by adding the list of cities they intend to visit and the results will display the combination of different and cheapest modes of transport to the destination. For E.g. If the user knows which cities he wants to visit but does not know the best possible order of visiting them. TravelO can plan/book their trip with the cheapest possible transport and the best route. Budget based recommendations Users can enter their source and destination with a stipulated budget and TravelO app will recommend the best route, mode of transport and the list of places they can visit within the mentioned budget. Places nearby Helps the user to navigate a particular city based on the popular places with the cheapest and the best possible travel options.

Saved searches Helps the user to view similar searches made by other users that share similar travel interests.

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