Inspiration to travel

What it does

ravelO is designed using different API's from various modes of transport through which results are integrated and our search algotrithm does the magic. With our technical expertise, TravelO is built on 3 key features: Multi-City-Multi-Mode Search, Budget Based Recommendations and Saved Searches which empowers the geographical knowledge to our users.

How we built it

Using esri, AuthO, Ionic, MEAN

Challenges we ran into

We started designing the app by usingIAPis from esri AuthO IBM Watson The biggest challenge was integrating them to the Angular and Node. As a result of this we had to shifted our solution from mobile to web for now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully completed the search feature with the use of ESRI API

What we learned

Plan well before panic

What's next for Travelo-TechCrunch

We will integrate other API to complete all the features and help travelers achieve their dreams

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