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Problem Statement: Around 10 million foreigners travel to India in last year according to the stats of Indian Tourism. Around 54% of the Indian population travels domestically in India. Lack of knowledge about tourist attraction and its nearby areas. Difficult to find good deals in nearby shops.

Solution: We have made a Fun Learning Travel App which will influence people to travel to different places and along with it gain points - mobocoins which can be redeemed to different shops, stores, restaurants, etc.

Working of App: Provides a list of tourist places to visit in a particular area. Checkpoints on the tourist attraction place for fun. Certain coins - mobocoins credited to the tourist after clearing a checkpoint. People will get 1x,2x,3x times for local, domestic and international travelers respectively. Can use mobocoins to get good deals in nearby shops. Virtual Visualisation of that area using VR. If a person uploads their photo at a particular tourist spot they’ll get some extra mobocoins. Make Networks - Traveling Status - attracts traveling Influencers.

Business Model: Set up a community of travelers showing each of them how many monuments they have visited and how much distance. Advertisements through SEO. Partnership with the local community and displaying a marker near them. Advertisements within the app (for free users). Revenue generated from the premium members.

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