Inspiration & What it does

We have created an app that makes organising group trips seamless. Our focus was to eliminate these problems that groups encounter, while planning a trip. We do it by a simple method: The Three Ws > Who, When, Where

WHO? Inviting Members > Rather than creating tedious chat groups where information gets lost easily. We have a Facebook integration which easily lets you invite your FB friends and let them input their date preferences.

WHEN? Coordinating free dates of every single person > This was the most complicated part for us. Usually there is a huge argument between the team members, as everybody has a different schedule and one person ultimately has to gathers every persons preferences and pick a suitable date. > We made this process much simpler, basically when a person enters a group they enter their preferred dates and the app automatically synchronises the members calendars and suggests a suitable date for all.

WHERE? Picking a suitable location > Here we implemented the Skyscanner API, which enables us to find the bet locations for the cheapest prices, which we then recommend to the group. And if they like it, the they can book it. All in three simple steps.

How we built it

The whole app uses Node.JS, Moment.JS, MongoDB, Facebook's API and Skyscanner's API

Challenges we ran into

Synchronising dates, Exchanging dates between the users along with the server and the app, Getting live data from the API,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the most proud of our app being able to handle several users calendars, and based on that help people with their holiday problems

What's next for TravelMatch

To improve this app we could add also suggestions for hotels, use live data as opposed to cached.

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