We have all traveled to a new city and struggled to go to all the places we want to visit before they close. We all lamented how useful it would have been to use a web application where could just put in the name of the city, all the attractions we'd like to visit, and have the app generate the optimal way to travel between these points!

What it does

Takes in a city, and a list of attractions in that city that the user would like to visit. Once, that information is taken in, we then calculate the optimal path for the user to travel between these locations and suggest these locations by pinning them on the map.

How we built it

We primarily used Javascript (vanilla) and the Google Maps API. The Google Maps API was heavily used in order to search for attractions, plot attractions, derive routes, and display distances.

Challenges we ran into

The notorious Traveling Salesman Problem. The Google Maps API was also new to us, and involved a bit of a learning curve before we were off the ground.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pretty good-looking UI (even if we say so ourselves), a solution to TSP, and working with a group of 4 students none of us knew before to create a fully functioning application

What we learned

Planning is pretty important. We aimed for too much in the beginning without realizing what we were actually capable of building in 24 hrs.

Google Maps API

What's next for TravelMapper

Create a database to store saved trips, work with Amadeus to suggest travel options, work with FB to suggest events, and market heavily so that people know how much time they can save with this tool!!

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