Our app is a consolidated service for tourists to connect and enjoy the company of each other.

As an exchange student, when I first stepped off the plane to Singapore, the top two plans I had was to meet new people and explore what the country had to offer. I had the fear of not being able to meet anyone in this country because I didn’t know how to approach them. So I had an idea of forming an app that has a social platform to engage about travelling and meeting new people.

Exploring together is important to a tourists’ experience because it gives them reassurance. For me, travelling alone makes me nervous because I am more focused on what buses to take and where to go and this anxiety takes away from my physical experience of being at the site.

From my experiences, my team and I created Tag Along focusing on connecting the tourist user to other tourists in real time presenting features with optimized location of hotels, eateries, and attractions.

Please check out our files here: https://github.com/ankurjain20111989/tag-along

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