We got inspired by how people around the world got negatively affected by COVID-19. Although the virus affects people in different ways, we came up with the idea of allowing users to virtually travel around the world. As many people are feeling 'COVID-blue', our app named 'Traveller' will allow people to gain motivation and interactive by allowing them to travel the world from anywhere.

What it does

Our app 'Traveller' allows users to virtually travel the world. As they can pinpoint their location anywhere, our app will geo-locate the users in real time. For example, although the users may go for a walk in their neighbourhood, our app will display the users to be walking around the Tokyo, Japan!

How we built it

We have built the web app with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Google Map API and Courier.

Challenges we ran into

As we have never used Google Map and Courier API, we had some challenges of understanding how to connect the API with database server. Therefore, we spent too much time understanding the two platforms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of understanding the Google Map and Courier API and utilizing for our project.

What we learned

As this is our first hackathon, we learned that breaking down our schedule efficiency is key to succeeding in hackathon events.

What's next for Traveller

Our next step for Traveller is to re-create the app with Swift. As we have created the web-app with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we will try to use app-only language to take a step towards launching it in the app store.

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