Syria's crisis has already forced three million people to leave the region. UN Refugee Agency was registering over 100,000 Syrian refugees per month in 2014, as they poured into neighbouring countries. The main inspiration for our project was to give underrepresented groups opportunities for equality. When developing this app, we thought about ways in which we can help people to integrate into a new country, including language learning, communicating with the local community and starting to share the same cultural values.

What it does

This app belongs to the section of Inclusivity. It allows refugees and immigrants to adapt to the culture of another nation and protect oneself in the event of a threat.

How we built it

There are 3 people in our team - novice programmers. Cyra was responsible for presentation and video, Assel for chatbot and design, Dilnas for flutter mobile app development. As soon as we decided on the topic and responsibilities, we immediately got down to work.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was the team formation, as our past teammates left us. Another challenge that we faced is distance and different time zones. However, we are happy that we ended up with a beautiful and strong team of three girls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the beginning, it was difficult because 2 professional team members left us - newbies. But we did not despair and decided to finish the job to the end. We are proud of our courage.

What we learned

We learned the difference between native apps and hybrid apps. We learned the advantages and disadvantages of the main languages for mobile development: react-native, flutter, swift. We learned to trust each other.

What's next for Travellab

We would like to enable authorization, because it does not work well. Also, we would like to connect our python code to the flutter code, because now they look like separate projects.

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