traveling, monotony of planning itineraries and finding relevant attractions

What does it do?

it takes a city, the number of attractions that you want to visit and proposes an optimized route to visit all of the attractions given a starting point

How did you build it?

Using a google search api in python, we web scraped on TravelAdvisor to find the top 10 attractions in a city specified by the user. We then parsed that information and organized it, until we finally used a google maps api to plot an optimized route from a starting location, taking the user through said attractions with reinforcement learning.

Challenges we ran into

reinforcement learning - modelling the environment, learning how to create a website,

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

optimization of the route, learning how to use python in html

What we learned:

how to webscrape, how to implement python in websites, how to code

What's next for travelhack

finalizing our domain name with, aggregating more reviews from more travel websites, optimizing to include a end point

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