Today environment is getting impacted by each and every action of us humans. Companies are one of the big contributors in this area. Every company in some or the other way contributing to the environment pollution by emitting CO2 in the environment. One of the contribution is when employees are travelling to different places for various business purposes. These include travel mode pollution and hotel stay pollution. So we are proposing an application as a solution to calculate the contribution of that person in the pollution. If adopted in the industry this solution can have a great Social Impact in real world.

What it does

This application will calculate the carbon footprint for a travel and carbon footprint generated till date per year by the particular employee (keep a check on how much pollution we create while travelling) which can be considered while approving that person's travel request. It is a system for managing employee travel requests against pre-determined carbon footprints allowances. This will allow the organization to scrutinize and challenge business travel against our goals to reduce the corporate carbon footprint.

How we built it

To build this application we have used Pega platform to create a process flow which will be using various APIs available to calculate the estimated carbon footprint and actual carbon footprint for a particular travel. The application will be maintaining the past record of the travel based on which it will determine the carbon footprint till date of that particular year.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a complete customized portal was a challenging part.

What we learned

  • Explored different open APIs to integrate with Pega for relevant information along with Pega's reporting capabilities to show different types of reports on a completely customized portal.
  • Integrating google maps to show the markers dynamically based on the selection of source and destination.
  • Th concept of calculating carbon footprint was a new learning for us.

What's next for TravelGreen

  • The application is currently calculating the carbon footprint generated in a travel but in next updates we can implement a model in this application which will suggest options which will be cost effective as well environment friendly (generating less carbon footprint) based on previous interactions generated by employees (using decisioning components) .
  • The application can be leveraged by CFO or a member of CSR office to see a breakdown of total estimated carbon footprint each month grouped by supervisor, the total cost to offset the total estimated carbon footprint for the current year, the total estimated carbon footprint grouped by employee against the target and maximum carbon footprint per employee for the current calendar year.


  • The are open APIs used in the application to calculate distance, Carbon emission, etc and occasionally they might be unavailable, so please do expect some unexpected results whenever this happens.
  • As the product file is too large to be uploaded so we have given the drive link where the file is present to be downloaded.

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posted an update

MLP 1------------------------- Created the Case type with the stages. Created a basic portal. Created MLP with below features- - Create Travel Request - Auto-calculate the Estimated Carbon Footprint. - Send the request for approval. - Add the actual carbon footprint in the user's yearly data.

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