Our inspiration for this project came from the fact that a large part of travelling is listening to new music. Obviously, travelling in person isn't possible right now but Travelfy allows users to select any country and get a custom playlist based on popular artists.

What it does

Travelfy lets users select a country either from a list or using Google Maps. Once a country is selected, a custom playlist is made using Spotify's API.

How we built it

We used flask to host the web app, Google Maps API and Spotify's API. To interface with Spotify's API we used spotipy.

Challenges we ran into

With none of us having used API's before, one challenge we faced was figuring out how to get data from google maps using Geocoding API and how to get data from Spotify. Another challenge we faced was integrating the website using Flask. Finally, having members across 3 different time zones we had to focus on staying organized and specific about times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we got a working website (before 3AM)! We're also proud about how all the parts integrated together to create something we'll want to use in the future.

What we learned

We learned lots about API's, creating a Flask app and databases.

What's next for Travelfy

We're looking forward to hosting it on a website and adding specific cities as well as locations such as libraries where users can get playlists dedicated to their environment

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