Air travel sucks... Why? Delays, TSA, fragmented information and disconnected experience. Every provider optimises its own profits, but Traveller is the one who suffers most.

What if we could offer 1:1 experience to every passenger on board? What if airline employees knew what customers like and personalise experience, thereby service better and sell more? What if passenger and airline become partners, exchange data rather than act aggressively?

This is why we built Travelforce - a single platform that connects travellers, airline employees, partners and even smart devices. We want to help airlines excel at customer experience without much investment. How? By giving access to relevant customer data, exchanging information with partners and acting as soon as possible anytime and anywhere. Mobile devices and smart watches revolutionise data availability and richness/

A couple of use cases:

  1. Customer's flight is delayed for 4 hours. A message is automatically sent to hotel informing them about delay and avoiding "no show" penalty. A meeting is automatically re-scheduled since customer can't make it in time and his theatre tickets are cancelled without any fees.
  2. Luggage tracker informs platform about customer's baggage location and sends alerts if it has arrived in wrong airport, therefore giving time and data to act promptly and sometimes "on-the-fly" :)
  3. An airline employee shares customer's preferences and habits with colleagues, so critical knowledge is not lost and most valuable customer gets the best experience!
  4. Customer's smart watch sends vital health updates to its family and therapist, so they are aware how s/he feels so far

These are just examples how our platform can help airlines literally connect with their customers!

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