Inspiration - Peter Ma has been an avid traveler. On his last trip he was not able to call away from home using his carrier. while he was away from his home (acutally out of his country) he still was responsible for expensive international cell phone calls.

How it works - Since incoming calls are free in most of the countries, we hit the webservice to make a low rate call to you, then connect to your party of interest. Upon first phone call, we'll make the number forward to your international number, this way your friends and family can stay in contact with you. With this app, you do not have to worry about getting ripped off on the phone plans when you travel, all you need is a cheap sim card and you can start receiving phone calls.

You may ask why can't we just use VOIP? First of all, most countries do not have high speed cell tower like we do in the US, and even when they do, the data plans are never cheap nor it is stable. Travelers phone provides a solution for low rate and high quality phone calls when you travel.

Challenges I ran into - My name is Lin and this is my first time at a Hackathon. My challenges were learning how to do something. Anything.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Personally proud of making it out here.

What I learned - That there are many people out there willing to help out.

What's next for Travelers Phone - Release the app

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