We have friends spread around the world, and it is very painful to make travel plans as a group. We usually end up having multiple back and forth conversations to settle on best dates, and location for everyone in the group. So we wanted to build a travel engine that will help ease the pain of people have friends and family around the country or the world. that takes into account our friends' current location and intelligently chooses the best travel destinations based on cost, their personal preferences and the likability of the destinations.
We wanted to make travel booking as easy as talking to a travel agent.

What it does pulls in the details of the travelers (in the group), and combines that with our global near realtime flight price information to predict the best location and dates to travel as a group. We also have ability to filter by categories like beaches and cities.

  • is integrated with Cisco spark so users can request flight information from the channel
  • has payment integration with braintree
  • has facebook messenger integration to use our flight suggestion engine

How I built it

We built with a lot of love and care. Frameworks and libraries used are node js for backend, React js, Mongodb for persistence and material design

Challenges I ran into

The API response for realtime flight search was very inefficient with latencies over multiple seconds. So we had to cache the responses of some APIs to not affect our page load times.

What's next for

Focus on usability and user experience, iterate and refine the UI, improve the search and trip optimization engine to include hotel and car rental bookings to provide a holistic travel planning service, integrating with Facebook to enable users to bring in their friends to make travel planning lot more fun and, overall, make traveling more pleasurable and planning easy by suggesting points of interest, things to do, places to eat, etc that will complement trip optimization.

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