While being in Spain on student exchange, many times we went to one city and on the way back, we felt like we haven't seen everything or discovered the city.

We encountered many monuments and places but we were wondering what is the meaning of those monuments and what is the history behind it. It would take you a lot of your time while you find the name of the place and google it on the internet. So we thought about making a mobile application that will help us discover and learn more about more places and the city itself.

What it does

Our application makes it easier for tourists to find the small sights and places as well as provide you with info about all the historical and interesting places around you.

Main idea is to show the map of the city and all places that you can visit. You can choose your most interesting place on the map, which will tell you more about that place and its location, or you can just start walking wherever you want. When your location is near someplace on the map, it will automatically send you a notification with the information about the place near you. If you don't find it interesting, you can just delete notification that will not appear again.

Our goal is to give you more information about why some buildings were built in the way they are, or why they were important to people before.

We also want to enable using the application without the internet. In that case, you need to choose the city you are going to visit, so we can download the offline map for you. We also care about your memory on the phone, so offline maps are deleted from the application after 30 days.

How we built it

We haven't built the application yet, but our plan to develop it using the react-native cross-platform framework for integrating the application in both Android and IOS. We would use google maps API for our map and Wikipedia API for getting information about the place.

We would monetize it by showing ads on the application, but also by commissions of sold tickets for museums and different attractions in the city.

What's next for Traveler

Our first task should be developing the application. Besides that, we would also like to include not only historical information about the place but also some interesting facts if possible.

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