We were inspired by the fact that it's hard to truly get an accurate understanding of a travel destination before you travel there- photos and descriptions sometimes work, but it's hard to really immerse yourself in the area before you go.

What it does

Traveler is a VR app that allows users to preview a travel destination in virtual reality before traveling there, providing them an completely unique, immersive experience. Our software allows users to make the best decision regarding whether they will enjoy traveling to a destination, and we also use predictive machine learning algorithms in order to curate a custom itinerary for the user based on their selected preferences and interests. Combined, these two features enhance the travel experience and provide a who new way to explore a destination before traveling there.

How I built it

We built the VR environment using Unity3D and C#, and our virtual rendering of New York City is viewable using an Oculus Rift. Another major selling point of our software is the integrations with other products that we offer, such as the ability to view real-time weather patterns within the app or using Amazon's Alexa to explore flight options and planning. Overall, the breadth and depth of our integrations with other technologies simply adds to the overall experience and possibilities for the consumer.

Challenges I ran into

We had some difficulty getting realistic world features, as it is very different than most 2d content, but were eventually able to find success.

What's next for traveler

We're planning on expanding to other cities and travel destinations outside of New York City, and we've already begun work on enhancing the user experience by adding a companion smartphone app.

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