Like an old worn journal, traveler is the perfect companion for your trips and adventures, whether they are a couple hours down the road or a voyage across the ocean. Built on the Evernote platform, traveler lets you create trips, take notes and capture memories for the sights you are visiting, then share and collaborate with friends, family and the traveler community.

Use traveler on your next tour when you want to capture an insightful lesson from your guide; visit a park and save that perfect campsite for your next weekend adventure; or reflect on the great times with your family and friends from your last vacation.

Just visiting a new area? Looking for something interesting and noteworthy? Public notes left by other travelers can provide fun facts or bits of information on monuments, landmarks and nearby attractions. Then give back and contribute to the traveler community by leaving your own notes for other visitors to find.

Are you a teacher or instructor? Use traveler for your next field trip or study abroad program. Create a trip for your students, add them as travelers, and let the journey begin. With traveler, they can record and share their experiences with one another and collaborate on the history and culture of their surroundings.

Whatever the destination or reasons for your travels, traveler is there to journal, share and remember all of your amazing journeys.

Features of traveler include:

  • Sync your traveler notes with Evernote
  • Create trips based on your travels
  • Create notebooks for each trip to organize your notes
  • Add family, friends, classmates or companions as travelers on your trip to share your notes
  • Include photos of the places you visit using your phone’s camera or local storage
  • Share your notes with other traveler users for community generated tour guide
  • Visualize your notes, shared notes and public content on the map to discover and explore
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