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We have tried our best to pull the flier experience to the best extent we could. Our solution provides a solution to the problem that we have a total crowd of approx. 50 lakhs at most of the big air stations including both domestic and international flights, and thus total crowd handling at security checkin counters become adverse at times. So, we have created a solution in which we will calculate the average flow of the queue at different air stations having n number of lines parallely running. So a flier can check the total speed of the queue and reserve a queue for their checkin and thus he can simply come the queue and go for security checking. Apart from this backend staff will have a parallel app to keep a check about the checkin details of every flier. We are using computer vision, to dynamically judge the average speed of every queue and thus update the same into the app and get the queue booking data and send it to backend staff. An addition to it would be the premium account which gives business travelers and person with an need to checkin very fast with a pre occupied lane for premium fliers.

The second part of the project is an app which will allow user to buy from the shops of checkin air station and checkout air station and get it delivered to their seat or at checkin counter or at checkout counter. Would be of great use for some emergency situations like you missed to carry a charger and need it at checkout station. That would be all Thankyou!

Naman Kumar Prabhat Kumar Osaid Nasir Rehman Lakshya Bansal

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