💡 Inspiration

What do I do now? With everyone being indoors for more than a year because of the pandemic, online studies, and no physical activities - there has been an increase in the need for online activities that help pass time. From Among Us to Twitch streams, from Netflix to Clubhouse, people are always on the lookout for movies, songs, games, food recommendations that help them bond with friends and pass time.

🤳What it does

Our website focuses on 4 different themes that people spend the most time on - movies, songs, games, and food. You can choose the category you want to spend time in and get recommendations based on the genres you're interested in.

⚙️How we built it

We built it using javascript, Restful API, HTML, CSS, tailwind. Open-source APIs exist for each of the categories that we are interested in.

  • For the food module we used themealdb api
  • For the music module we used the spotify api
  • For the movies section we used themoviedb api
  • For the games section we used the rawg video games database api

🤔Challenges we ran into

With all of us super excited about different ideas ranging from cooking recipes to movie recommendation engine - we worked really hard to combine all of them to work to make a one-stop shop for anyone who is looking for a way to spend time.

🏅Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of this team. All of us worked stuck together till the end. To ensure no overlap of work we divided our tasks between us. The newcomers were guided really enthusiastically Building a full-fledged website.

📖 What we learned

It was an exchange of knowledge.

Tanya has this to say "I learned how to integrate APIs into javascript after going through the documentation. Learned about the existence of tailwind.css and I cannot wait to use it in my own projects. UI/UX is an integral part of the project over which we spent hours on the discussion."

💭What's next for FunHub

We want to expand the scope and focus on the community aspect of these activities.

  • Integration with vendors to become a platform for streaming music, movies, and playing games.
  • Expand to other suggestions like art and home exercises
  • We plan to add features that allow groups of friends to schedule events together
  • Using artificial intelligence to tailor recommendations for individuals
  • Google Vision API to detect a person's mood and suggest suitable activities

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