Well, Off recently I have been traveling a lot and I had to recheck a lot of things, I had to make notes of all the things I need to carry during the travel and this list was very different for each place except for a few common items. I had to pack according to the weather. I had to google a lot to get appropriate information. So, that's when I got this idea to implement an app which will be my Mommy and help me be better prepared for travel.

What it does

The app takes the destination zip code and travel dates as input. It does preliminary checks if the zip code is valid or not. Then, it will make REST API calls to the required services and get the information. For now, none of this is implemented. Like, it should query YELP for the top-3 restaurants. It should query a weather API for the climate details and accordingly add suggestions about the clothing to be taken. It should query Hotels API for getting the top-3 hotels in that area. It should query the crime data API and get the crime index and give the details. It should

How we built it

We built this using Android

Challenges we ran into

All of us were fairly new to Android. Understanding it and working with it took a lot of time. So, we couldn't achieve the final result.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started off working on an idea. We were not stuck in the brainstorming phase. We did research about the available REST API's. We learned how to make rest calls.

What we learned

We have better knowledge about Android and Git now.

What's next for TravelMommy

More preliminary checks have to be added regarding the dates. All the API calls have to be implemented. UI has to be made more appealing. A user profile can be added and based on that we can add more items and give more personalized suggestions. Like if the user has asthma then we add inhaler into the list of items he/she needs to carry. If the user is traveling from Phx to Philly then we will suggest that he/she carries an extra jacket. We want to provide an option where user can save the checklist that is generated in his profile for future reference. And he/she can also check off items if he/she already packed it. We want to be able to link other apps like Uber(if they want to book a future travel/check the cost for travel), Amazon(if they want to order one of the items they don't have), (to make a booking/look at the hotel options) etc. We will also give the option for the user to share this checklist on different messaging platforms.

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