TravelBot is a simple, automatic travel planner running python, flask, bootstrap and is powered by the Google Cloud, Machine Learning, and the Maps API. Essentially, TravelBot receives a beginning point and a destination point from a user who would like to plan a road trip, and using an algorithm to deviate points at an arbitrary mile threshold, it creates a new road trip populated with attractions that the user will visit as they drive. Currently there are two ways to interact with TravelBot: a slim and responsive messaging bot that uses natural language processing from the Google Cloud Machine Learning API to create a smooth, human-like user experience, the other option is our Web App which follows an as-you-would-expect UI. As we worked on our project, we faced some trouble with integrating flask’s form packages with our backend, issues with the Google Maps’ API alongside our algorithm, and lot’s of bootstrap styling limitations. Still, we are all very proud of our success in realistically creating a deviated path road trip, a true web interface, and the TravelBot chat. We learned a lot about, flask’s powerful packages, the Google Cloud API, the Google Map API and, of course, time management. We eventually aim to make TravelBot much more feature dense, and customizable.

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