Nowadays, customer is only able to book a ticket on the web or in a travel agencies. Travelbot is opening a new way of distribution smarter and more efficiently. More and more people are using Messaging app so it is natural to build application directly on it to make everything easier.

What it does

Travelbot is understanding sentences from customer and is able to propose the best answer. If any information is missing, the bot is asking for it. It can understand English, French and Dutch.

How I built it

In order to build it, I used python. I store a lot of external data in a Cassandra NoSQL Database.

What I learned

I improve knowledge on machine learning and NLP. Now, I am able to build a chatbot from scratch.

What's next for Travelbot

Next steps are to find client to invest. Travelbot is using A.I and innovative technologies, I am sure that a lot of travel companies will be interested to work with.

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