We have to search on Google every time we want to know about Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions if we are traveling somewhere. The results are also not filtered as we want. This led us to make such an application where we can search anyplace in the whole world which tell us about its all hotels, restaurants and attractions and filter according to ratings given by other people.

What it does

TravelBliss tell about all the Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions of your current location or you can search your preferred place. We can adjust the area in the map according to ourselves and it will list all the places in that area. We can filter the Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions according to the ratings given by other tourists as per their experience there. It also lists the achievements and Awards of Hotels and Restaurants achieved by them so far. It also lists the price range for the respective place. Added Alan AI to interact and know weather for any location you are traveling or staying by voioice commands.

How we built it

Tech Stack used for the TravelBliss project are :-

  • HTML
  • Css
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Material-ui
  • Google cloud APIs
  • Alan AI

Challenges we ran into

  • It was difficult to show data on the map according to the search
  • Filter the search with rating
  • Working with google-react-map

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working with multiple APIs
  • Syncing everything together to create a friendly site
  • Integrating Alan AI

What we learned

  • Integration with Alan AI
  • Google Cloud APIs
  • Working the APIs
  • Testing API on Postman

What's next for TravelBliss

  • Adding feature of booking rooms in hotels
  • Adding feature of booking table in restaurant beforehand
  • Adding feature of how to travel
  • Cost of traveling from one place to another

GoDaddy registered domain

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