We're at a Sabre Trave Hack, London's GayPride March is going past the window, and there's a realization that not everyone is as safe everywhere they travel

How it works

You register your destination, stereotrypes you may be identified with, and your side trip budget. You can then create 'HeadsUp' messages about relevant events, both positive and negative, when you travel. We use Twillio to send the messages to the relevant registrants by location and identity. We also use your side trip budget to notify you of positive events that you could reach within your side trip budget.

Challenges we ran into

How do we match up the right alerts with the right people? How can we overcome the apps seemingly inescapable negativity of the app? How do we create an income stream

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not wasting time trying to harness the twitter storm Realising that this can be used to harness positive data as well as negative Realising that positive events can be used to sell travel to positive events.

What we learned

The food at Sabre hack is actually quite healthy Harnessing the full potential of API's is not necessarily the work of a weekend That having only one coder on the team places a heavy burden.

What's next for TravelAlert

We're glad you asked; with the right industry partner, and an awful lot of hard work, this is an application that could deliver utility to both consumers and travel industry players.

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