In the initial phase of corona virus in India, when the govt started thermal checking at airports, I had to wait for hours due to high crowd and manual checking process. Also it was difficult to find way out despite directions on board. Though it was an important procedure for the safety of passengers but highly inconvenient. This gave me an idea to develop an app that can make this process more easy and save time without compromising safety.

What it does : The app basically creates an ecosystem at one place, connecting smart devices, drones . All this are connected to cloud and data flow is in real time. The app can be used to access this data. The watch can trigger haptic whenever we are about to touch a railing , escalator or lift buttons so that we become careful. The drones within the airport area will continosily monitor the crowd, calculating the numbers, creating geofencing and mapping areas as per number of people. The drones will send warnings and other real time data to the app via cloud. Also the app has a built in AR system that can help us navigate within the airport and show directions, shops and other places of interest.

How we built it : This is basically in an ideation and design phase. Research was done from several sources for technology that can be implemented. Once this process is done, we move to prototype and final testing phase.

Challenges we ran into : One of the major challenge is working in a team ,when the team is far away and using online medium to communicate,share ideas, discuss. This was a first time experience. Also any idea needs to pass the test of vulnerabilities. So a lot of time was spent on thinking about defects that can occur. This important to create a robust system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of working together despite being at far places. The team work and how each member took a task and gave their complete effort to implement this. Projects like these are always a result of great minds working in sync and this makes us proud.

What we learned

The major learning was during the research phase where we learnt about emerging technologies like AI, Deep learning, Sensors, IOT, Cloud system etc. Also making us aware of the current trends and problem solving.

What's next for Resfeber app .

So as we have completed the research, ideation phase we will go with prototyping and testing our product.

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