Overview of the problem

Did you know that the planet has warmed by over 0.8 degrees since 1880? Though this may not sound like a lot, imagine the amount of excess energy that would be needed to heat up the entire planet by almost a degree! Global warming is the biggest threat that we face. The consequences will span the globe and affect each and every one of us unless we take a step.

What it does

Carbon Ain’t Cool consists of 3 awesome components! We have a web application that informs you about the causes and consequences of having too much carbon in the atmosphere. It includes data visualization created using vanilla JavaScript and lots of cool animations to help you learn! Then, we have a chrome extension that calculates the carbon emissions from your browsing history from the internet! It calculates the carbon footprint of the data that is being downloaded and the number of packets that are being sent over the network for that website. From this, you are able to view stats like how long you have been browsing for, the amount of data that you have transmitted in that time, and the carbon emissions produced from this. It will then tell you about how this compares to smartphones and driving a car.

How we built it

We created a web application and chrome extension which allows people to see the impact that they are creating on the environment, both through their internet browsing habits and through their transport journeys.


We created Carbon Ain’t Cool with the inspiration to impact people all over the globe and make saving the environment accessible for all.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes we couldn't spot the bugs as we were working on different operating systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to finish this website in under 48 hrs entirely from scratch with a lot of features in it while sitting on 3 different continents.

What we learned

We learned how to integrate chrome extension and Twilio WhatsApp chatbot to a React and Node-based website.

What's next for Carbon Aint Cool

We want the website to be accessible for many people across the world so we'll definitely build android and IOS apps. We also want to add more features for drivers and users using Google Maps API so that it can help them as travel companions.

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