Top rated app on the Galaxy Gear 2 market ! We have uploaded the application 2 days before contest deadline and here is what the real users from Samsung Galaxy Apps are saying about this app:

Travel Translator for Gear is created to improve your everyday conversations in different languages. Travel, business meetings and language learning have never been so simple.

  • Do you want to communicate in a foreign language?
  • Do you need to understand what you are listening to in a foreign language?

Travel Translator works in both directions, and al at your fingertips! Great graphics designed for Galaxy Gear 2

Travel Translator translates spoken phrases with great accuracy, all managed with a clear and intuitive interface. You can also listen to the translation or use it in other apps.

Travel Translator uses Nuance professional translation services to be really responsive and accurate. There are 37 languages available, together with their variants. Fantastically designed control elements! Take a look:

Travel Translator lets you translate between any two languages you select, very easily, due to its simple structure and a great usability.

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