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About 1 year ago we have won Samsung Gear App Challenge with app Travel Translator for Samsung Gear device. You can find more information here: The idea and the quality of our app was good enough to become one of the top selling apps for this smartwach and good enough to grab one of the main prizes in this contest.

Recently (2 weeks ago) we have build similar app for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Android Wear and brand new Samsung Gear S2.

For instance please try very fresh iOS version: it's ready for both iPhone and Apple Watch. I hope you will like it.

After we have made the app ready for so many different platforms, I have realised that something is missing here. Although we have made good apps they are isolated one from each other and they don't give possibility to communicate with other people.

Few days ago I have read mail newsletter from devpost and read that one of the challenges is related to the communication framework. My decision was that we need to give a try, we need communication framework to glue all our apps from different platforms and magnet will be definitely good choice for that.

What it does

Travel Translator for Gear is created to improve your everyday conversations with people speaking in different language.

Just speak in your language and your friend on his device will see in his mother language what you have said. It supports voice recognition for 42 languages.

Travel Translator is ready for wearables and mobile

We have made application which might be used by iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Android Wear and Samsung Gear users. No matter what kind of device you have you are able to use it and talk with your friends on mobile and smartwatch. It's crucial to have this kind of app ready for all devices so everybody can join communication no matter what kind of device he has.

I was living in Prague, Czech Republic for 2 years and have found many Czech people does not speak English at all. I have used mobile voice translators to communicate with them, but it was difficult because I had to constantly show them screen of my mobile phone. With new Travel Translator you can just recommend your Czech friend to download the app on his device and from this moment you can freely talk one to each other.

Please note for this challenge we will submit only iOS version. We have in pipeline next devices but at the moment only iOS version is ready to be tested by you

Travel Translator internal messaging supported by Magnet

Users can communicate one with each other thanks to messaging framewrok. Magnet will be the core component of the app and will be connecting all of the applications on different devices. Using Magnet framework it was possible for us to implement full messaging system in less than 4 days per one platform. It was crucial to have good messaging framework as our goal was to make an app with low budged and ready for all kind of devices in short amount of time.

How I built it

Application is using

  • Nuance for ASR (speech recognition) and TTS (text to speech).
  • Google API for translations
  • Magnet framework for communication
  • Facebook API for a friend discovery

What's next for Travel Translator

Our vision is to have a voice communication app, with translations enabled, for all kind of devices, so that it will be easy for everybody to join the conversation. We believe also that, because of Magnet framework it will be much easier to spread the application through the users. Simply one user who has for instance Android Wear can recommend the app to friend with Apple Watch so it will increase number of downloads.

Thanks to Magnet framework we will be able to make the communication quite easy and quickly.

Demonstration video:

I have embedded video also here as it was not displayed at the page after I have saved it. Travel Translator in Action

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