We wanted a website to bring memories - the good and the bad. Remember that "awesome" Windows XP error sound - we have that. Remember the Internet Explorer crash dialog window - we have that too.

What it does

Scroll (literally) through time as you see the website morph chronologically from the 1990s to the present.

Test these out

  • Click help on the Internet Explorer window and see what happens (make sure your sound is on and full volume!)
  • Click the continue, advanced and close button on the Internet Explorer crash window and see what happens
  • More importantly scroll down and travel through time digitally
  • You can also drag the windows around the website

How we built it

We used Git for version control. We used many web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.


This website was designed to be used in Google Chrome!

What we learned

We've learnt many things. Since this was our first hackathon, we are sure will be hacking again! Next time we will definitely spend more time planning a core code base for everyone to work off.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Also hover over Favourites and see what happens!

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