Traveling is an opportunity to explore the world. If one is a frequent traveler, it may become difficult to keep a record of the locations one has visited. We have designed an application that allows one to easily do so.

What it does

A user can authenticate with Facebook. The application then receives the user's email address and uses the email address to keep a record of the user's travels in a SQL database. The user can add new locations and view the locations in a list organized by rating. Additionally, users can view the locations they have visited on Google Maps.

How we built it

We used PHP, HTML, and JavaScript to develop webpages that could pass information around as well as display it. We used a back-end SQL database to store the user's information. We used Facebook's login and graph APIs to get the user's credentials. We utilized Google Maps and Google Geocoding to display the different locations

Challenges we ran into

Passing information between pages was complex and getting the Google Geocoding API to work was particularly challenging. Using the Facebook APIs was also tricky. However, we were able to overcome these challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get multiple APIs working on a single application.

What we learned

We learned plenty of web development skills as well as how to use new APIs.

What's next for TravelRecorder

Add features that could post to Facebook on the user's behalf and let the user edit their entries.

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