How many of us struggle in finding new places whenever we visit a new place? Sometimes its a hit, sometimes not ! TravelPro aims to bridge the gap between on the considering our likes and presents a whole new shopping experience.

Do you like to eat out a lot ? --> Suggest places suiting your cuisines ! Do you like to shop a lot ? --> We will suggest places to shop ! Are you always on your toes? --> We will tell you the places to visit around on you !

And all this ?? While your destination is still away ! Yes we plan your travel on the basis of your true likes !

tough questions,

how do we get the user data without any complications?

how do we really know what they are interested it?

What it does

The Application takes in your login, pulls out some details to determine what you would possible like :)

How we built it

1: We used Amadeus API's to determine the destination for a person (We need to know where you are going :)) 2: We used Capital One API's to find out some of the recent purchases to determine the kind of places you like to purchase stuff from or visit.

  1. We used python code to connect all the information together.
  2. We used Zomato API for Proof of Concept to show the restaurants matching your food choice and within the price range comfortable with you !
  3. Once this is done, we push out a notification to you and you can start munching !

Challenges we ran into

  1. Finding out the REST API's for various choices (Shopify: for clothing, Zomato: Food)
  2. Understanding the details on Amadeus API's and Capital One API's.
  3. Understanding the Models/Schema for Capital One (Accounts, Customers, Merchants and Purchases)
  4. Understanding firebase.
  5. Keeping the user app simple and easy to use !!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It Works !!

What we learned

  1. The power of using REST API's.
  2. How to connect diverse information together to extract meaningful results.
  3. Think from a END USER'S perspective rather than a developer.

What's next for Travel Pro

  1. We want to extract more categories of purchases ( We currently just present food choices ).
  2. We want to consider the scale issues in future.
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