Ryne is a travel inspiration database that allows users to make a custom self guided tour what we called is the Roadmap. Combining Instagram, Google Maps and the travel guide book.User can create own account for free and share photo or video clip along with the mood that associate with top 20 travel activities (Explorer, Adventure, Food, Drink, Party, Chill, Creative..) from any device that has compatible web browser. Ryne reads the GPS coordinations from the image file and allows user to see where the image was captured on the maps that integrate with Google Maps API. The maps allows user to save multiple destinations with the images, get directions to destinations, create own self guided tour and invite friend to your adventure. Ryne offers users to tour guides so Ryne user can get more educated, socialized and entertained.


Ryne is the web app that functioning with multiple platform through web browser. Ryne build on Heroku that associate with external secure database Amazon S3, and coded by Ruby with Ruby on Rails application framework. Ryne uses SSL encryption technology for internet protocol that are using HTTP. Ryne iOS app and Android app are works with the web app’s API and has push notification, customized interface for the operating system.


Airbnb for experience/tour guide type of apps. Ryne is free to register and access all features, no writing, just take photo and share it with mood, easy and on the go, etc..

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