As citizens of the world, we all like to travel. However, the planning process can be a real pain, from coordinating with friends, to finding accommodations and flights, to splitting costs afterwards. is an innovative web app that allows users to collaborate with their travel mates to make the planning process as smooth-sailing as possible.

What it does empowers users to focus on their travel ambitions and enjoying the company of their friends without having to worry about the monotonous aspects of trip planning. The web app aggregates flight and accommodation details for the user's destination of choice. The users are able to plan out events that fit every individual's schedule, and track their spending on the trip. Additionally, users are able to see a breakdown of who owes whom how much.

How we built it

With great difficulty!

Challenges we ran into

Real-time communications presented a challenge in their limited compatibility with their Google Cloud Platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a fully featured application in a limited amount of time. Although none of us are experienced at front-end, we still managed to create a web-app that is full of user interactivity.

What we learned

We learnt about web sockets and the struggles that come with secured networking. We also learnt about sending HTTP requests, and became more familiar with source version control.

What's next for

Creating a user authentication system that would allow for individuals to engage in multiple trip workspaces with different friend groups.

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