There are many people who want to travel but do not know where to go. It would be good if there was an app that would auto generate various travel ideas based on the user's current city. Later the app can gamify the entire travel experience using augmented reality and in-app challenges.

What it does

Travel Ideas is a simple app that lets you generate travel ideas from your current city. You just need to enter your current city in the app and it will automatically generate various travel ideas for you.

How I built it

Travel Ideas is powered using python, flask and amadeus python sdk.

What's next for Travel Ideas

I plan to convert this web app into an android app. It will be an augmented reality app like Pokemon Go. The app will automatically detect your current location and generate various travel ideas for you. Once you will select a destination city from the suggested ideas, then a request will be created in the app. You then need to visit the destination city on the required date. The app will then auto generate various travel challenges for you. You can complete the challenges by visiting various locations at the destination city e.g. museums, amusement park, historical places, etc. Once you will complete the challenges, then the you will get some points. These points will then be redeemable at various partner local merchants at the destination city.

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