As travel-related illnesses and medical conditions become increasingly common and concerning, Travel Health Buddy will inspire and enable millions of travelers with medical conditions to have the knowledge and real-time data of the list of hospitals near their stay at hotels. We really want to connect and address the health needs of the traveling public with our simple solutions by using the TripAdvisor API. We provide travelers access to both hospital and hotel data and statistics in real-time in the TripAdvisor app or widget. The TripAdvisor API will cross-list hospital information and statistics with hotel data. Using our own internal data aggregation algorithm we correlate and mine data from the TripAdvisor API and hospital statistics (i.e, hospital ranking, distance between hotel and hospitals, average wait time). Travel Health Buddy then provide essential trip recommendations for travelers with medical conditions. We hope to continue to build, design, and launch Travel Health Buddy connecting to the TripAdvisor API.

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