The inspiration came from friends who didn't have a bus going to their city for a hackathon but were eligible for travel reimbursement, that was until the organizers found out how expensive the plane ticket was. After the fact, they found out it would have been cheaper to fly into a city with a bus and just ride with the other school to the hackathon. Unfortunately when they found out, it was too late. Tragedies like these can be avoided with a simple web interface along with a lot of money saved for hackathon organizers.

What it does

Travel Hacker will allow hackathon organizers to create various buses and pre-define their routes with any stops that it may do. Once their buses have been set, hackers who were unable to get a bus but eligible for travel reimbursement, could then log in, and Travel Hacker will automatically search for the cheapest flight to get to the hackathon. It will search for flights directly and flights at every city with a hackathon bus. Once the options have been laid out for the hacker, he/she can then proceed to pick the most convenient route (usually the cheapest). This data will then be collected by hackathon organizers to better mange their transportation to student cost ratio for a more effective hackathon.

How I built it

Using front end languages we build a simple and easy to use web interface following materialistic designs. The backend then took care of calculating plane routes and prices using QPX API.

Challenges I ran into

QPX API problems and MongoDB storage retainment issues.

What I learned

During the development, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and Node.JS was learned as almost no one in our team knew any backend.

What's next for Travel Hacker

Keep developing and hopefully begin rolling it out to hackers everywhere!

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