We often check Transloc Website or Google website to estimate the Transit options before leaving home for a meeting/class. And every time it's difficult to search and get ready simultaneously (Yes, we get ready at the end moment). Our product eliminates one's effort to search for transit bus and provides a easy interface with the same information.

What it does

Our Android application collects information from Google Calendar to fetch information about your next meeting/class. If you have any meeting/class scheduled in the next 24 hours, we fetch the corresponding transit details from Google to arrive at the destination by time. Sounds helpful, Say Cheers!!!

How we built it

We used Google Calendar, Google Directions and Google Cloud API to collect relevant data, parse the information and display only the relevant data to the User.

Challenges we ran into

There were few Challenges while completing this project !!!. One major challenge was to parse the data dump received from the Google Cloud and Google Directions API to get relevant information. The possibility of multiple paths/routes just magnified our efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We solved a major problem faced by everyone like us who don't find enough time to check the transit information manually. This is something which we can use regularly, and could be student's best buddy

What we learned

Coming up with the optimal design, looking for design patterns and implementing on a hack product definitely made us learn quicker and enjoy at the same time

What's next for Travel Guide

Including Subway/Ferry service/Air way included in the same guide

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