There seem to be no integrated experiences available for travellers as they think about visiting and exploring cities. We want to provide a holistic experience to travellers without having them to go across multiple apps to search, find planners, and to transact.

What it does

It a multiple platform chat BOT ( google assistant, messenger, Viber, telegram, etc) that helps travellers to find places, search and compare bundled itineraries that match their preferences, suggest the best mode of transportation options and finally book the complete package in one single transaction.

How I built it

We chose DialogFlow (recently launched by Google) because it provides the possibility to deploy bots on multiple platforms and devices. We trained the Dialog flow with different possible questions that a user could ask and then we used various APIs to get the relevant information to the user.

Challenges I ran into

In the beginning, it was difficult to determine the right tool to use for the development of chatbot because none of our team members had previous experience working with a chatbot. In the end, we eventually chose the Dialog flow which we think is the best possible tool for our case.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After workshops, we had less than 18 hours to brainstorm, find the right tools, implement, and test the product. Eventually, by the end of the hackathon, we have a working prototype which we are proud of.

Built With

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