Too busy to search the web about India? Where you can go? the best attraction? the best time to travel? Yeah, now you can search all of it using Alexa without wasting any time or getting bored. India is one of the most fascinating and diverse places on the planet. It offers a plethora of unique culture and nature. India is famous for its heritage, spirituality and it can woo the tourists with its myriad of landscapes.

What it does

Travel De India lets users ask Alexa about the best destinations in India. It gives recommendations about the most attractive tourist places, the best time to visit, popular activities to do, the best hotels to stay, how to reach there, and much more. Many a times, tourist and travelers read the stuff over the web or ask Alexa, Travel De India let them assess their knowledge with a fun trivia game and give them instant results.

How I built it

I built Travel De India using Node.js language.

Challenges I ran into

The main big challenge was to integrate a hotel booking API which I could not but aiming to integrate soon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an app that can actually be useful for people by gaining and checking their knowledge in a fun learning way.

What I learned

Learned about Alexa conversations, dialogs, API integration.

What's next for Travel De India

The next target is to cover other cities of India. Integrate a hotel and flight booking API.

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