People who travels a lot, its very important to know about their location, nearby places, direction, weather etc time to time. But its not always easy though. As a Tourist people want to explore new nearest places as quick as possible. Sometimes they want to save some important/desired places locations, so that they can explore them latter.

Wearable device introduce a new era in tourism sector to quickly explore nearest places information. So here is our incredible app that will let you check your position, nearest places, destination, distance, weather and all your nearby places at a glance just from your Gear!

Most importantly all the information user can get just in a single click using Travel Companion Gear application. Travel Companion is the quickest, smartest and easy to use solution for the tourist.


  • Near place : User can save important/desired places location data in mobile application so that they can use them in future. User can use this feature as near place alert.
  • Search : Explore your nearest restaurant, hospital, bus station, shopping mall, ATM etc. in just single click from your Gear wrist. My location : Check your current location.
  • Weather : Its always good to know about the weather information for his/her current location. This feature exactly allows to do that.

Discover new places & make your mark on earth with your ultimate app, Travel Companion.

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