Our group enjoys traveling the country with friends. However, it becomes difficult to manage who paid for what, since there are many charges that go into a trip, such as hotel, transportation, and food. Currently, each member would have to keep track of their receipts and divide up the costs at the end of the trip themselves. This is prone to error due to mismanagement of receipts and miscalculations.

What it does

Travel Bug allows friends to enter into a Trip through the application. They can either create a new Trip or join an existing Trip through a code from someone else in their group. Once the Trip is active, whenever a member makes a purchase with their credit or debit card, it will be stored and shown on the application. When the Trip has ended, the application will aggregate how much each person spent as well as who owes who what amount. It will display how much the User owes each of the other group mates, and with a press of a button, it will withdraw that amount from their credit or debit card.

How we built it

On the Front End, we used React, HTML, and CSS with components from Semantic UI. On the Back End, we hosted our PostgreSQL database on Google Cloud and used google-app-engine and google-cloud-sql for API creation.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into were using all of the Google products for the first time on our Back End. One member working on the Front End also did not have experience in React, so using it was a learning experience for her.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to have created an application that had both the Front End and Back End integrated. Not only was this idea used for this Hackathon, but it is an idea that we are all proud of and would love to use in the future.

What we learned

For two of our members, this is one of the few experiences that they have had with the overall Software Engineering process. We all learned how to work together on a team and to trust each other with the tasks that they are appointed to, rather than work on a project ourself for school. All of the technologies were fairly new to us, so we learned how to use them either for the first time or to get better at it.

What's next for Travel Bug

At the moment, Travel Bug can only handle US currency, but in the future, we would love to expand it so that it can handle conversion rates of other countries.

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