App helps travelers to allocate the budget according to interests and financial opportunities. App steps. User needs to do:

  1. Set up country, city For example - Russia, St. Petersburg
  2. Specify the interests and hobbies. For example: Section: Culture and art. Subsection: Museum, Theatre. Section: Entertainment. Subsection: City tour, Zoo.
  3. Choose how many meals a day he needs. For example, 3 times.
  4. Choose a way of moving around the city: "On foot", "Public transport".
  5. Choose number of days to stay in the city. For example, 2 days. 6 . Amount of money which you are ready to spend for these days. For example, 120 euros.

After it you receive program how you can spend time in the city, according to interests and financial opportunities. For example:

  1. Hermitage – 10 euro. Peterhof (40 min from the city) – 10 euro. Mariinskiy theatre – 30 euro. Total: 50 euro
  2. Zoo – 5 euro, City-tour – 5 euro. Total: 10 euro
  3. You can eat 3 times a day at Subway and McDonalds – 35 euro/a day
  4. Public transportation (4 trips) – 3 euro Total Amount: 98 euro

Also app can offer free of charge places to visit.

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