Balkan countries have a lots of beautiful things inside and many people from other countries doesn't know about this. Regarding investigations people around the world think that Balkan countries are not safes places to visit, they don't have cool things to do and also some of them don't know about what countries are in Balkan. From this this point we as a team were motivated to create something that informs people and also bring people together.

What it does

It is a web and mobile platform that people around the world can see a lot of data for Balkan. They can be informed about traveling, food, traditional, cultural, healthcare, musician, festivals, history, languages etc. There are plenty of cool features like:

  • Allowing Balkan people to register as a guider so they can get paid from
  • Asking for a travel guider woman/man,
  • Searching places in base of interest categories (e.x. beaches, mountains, skiing, parks, etc.)
  • Looking for festivals in Balkan
  • Places to stay
  • What food to eat near me
  • Recommend to others etc.

How we will built it

We will start by creating some wire frames logos and design while one of us will start coding into platforms and also finding other peoples that doesn't have a job to be part of project. We will continue working in 2 projects one on the web application and the other in mobile application. Web app will be developed with those technologies: Front end:

  • HTML5
  • Javascrip
  • React.js

Back end:

  • Headless CMS
  • Wordpress
  • GraphQL

Mobile app will be developed in 2 platforms using react native but will be build in iOS & Android. For APi we will have the GraphQL already used from web app that will help us by reducing the cost and the time.

Challenges that we might ran into

We will need excellent content writer across the Balkan from different countries that will help us to find and populate with data our platforms, We think that finding content writers will be a challenge for us. Otherwise we have experiences with developing mobile and web apps

Accomplishments that we will proud of

Our project in the end will have our Balkan more explored and also will have much more tourist because they will know more about Balkan. We will have to connected people in Balkan from different countries of religions by working into this project, and the main thing is that people near Balkan can have a part time job for guiding tourists into good places so this will also help our economy.

What's next for Travel Balkan

We will start working in MVP and than we will have lots of reviews and feedback from our friends and other peoples we will continue working on this project and we will try to hire people as much as we can to work on this project because is will be a good way to push us forward.

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