Traveling through different cities without a car may be difficult to get around, so the Travel Assister app is here to help!

What it does

Based on your current location, this app will help display the point of interests that users can define. Select some of the results and click for map view. This will display your current location and the locations of the point of interests. Click on each pin (for individual point of interests) and a bubble popup will display the distance you are away from it and how much it would cost to Uber to that location.

How I built it

We built Android App using java, and used Aerospike's geospatial API using python.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the Aerospike was much harder than expected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Setting up this Android app and understanding how the geospatial API works.

What I learned

There is a lot of struggling and learning in the process of building an app, even a simple one!

What's next for Travel Assister

Adding the Uber featured described above.

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